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Live Better, for a Better Tomorrow

Developing and Offering Global, Contemporary Lifestyle Ready-to-Drink Beverage Brands using clean label ingredients.

IT’S ALL IN THE NAME- The name Pure Steeps originates from our mission to create high-quality, pure and simple beverages with responsibly-sourced ingredients from pristine regions around the world.

WHAT WE STEEP- We build aspirational brands that inspire to Live Better, for a Better Tomorrow. We are on a journey to develop natural holistic products with pure, sustainably-sourced ingredients. Our aim is to produce high-quality creative products that can be enjoyed every day. In today’s complex, oversaturated market, we believe in bringing things back to the basics and embodying the concept of simplicity.

WHO WE ARE- We are a group of passionate coffee and tea connoisseurs and creators, but our network extends beyond our team. Our community includes the loyal tea and coffee lovers that support our brands and enjoy our products every day – all the way from our farmers to your bottle.


Fueled by an insatiable creative thirst, we have created a line of fun and awe-inspiring cold brew products that will Power your Passion™. Each bottle of our truly cold brew coffee is made with handpicked premium organic beans that are roasted with care and cold brewed for 18-24 hours to perfection and cold pasteurized (we said yes to HPP, no to heat) in a bottle to seal the flavor. Our Secret – Commitment to our motto “Simple is Good”.

A Family-Founded Business

It all started with a few simple beans. Founders Trevor and Rebecca Smith have always cherished the experience of sharing a laugh over a great cup of coffee. As true coffee aficionados, the two began to experiment with different ways to create and enjoy their favorite beverage, from bean types and roasting profiles to brew times to filtering options.

Letting the Secret Out

Fueled by their passion and inspiration from seeing artisan food trends spilling into restaurants and grocery chains, Trevor and Rebecca just couldn’t keep their secret any longer. They began selling Secret Squirrel at a local farmers market and quickly built a community of cold brew loyalists.

Spreading the Buzz

Now a part of Harris Freeman and partnered with the largest independent natural foods distributor, Secret Squirrel is available in select stores and continues to grow with the support of cold brew lovers everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for our cold brew in your area and remember – squirrels are intelligent creatures. They know great coffee.

Visit us at squirrelbrew.com

Where We Came From

It all started with a love of tea.
Our founder—Stephen Lee—has a rich history with tea. It wasn’t until after he founded Stash Tea and Tazo Tea that he discovered kombucha. On a trip to Russia, he learned about the sparkling fermented tea and grew so fascinated by it, he eventually returned home & founded Wonder Drink.

Now, Wonder Drink is in natural food stores, grocery stores, pubs, spas, colleges, and cafes all over the United States and we’re branching out across the world.

He didn’t stop there—Stephen wrote the definitive book on kombucha! Want to learn how to brew the perfect batch of kombucha, care for your own SCOBY, and make delicious kombucha recipes? Check out Kombucha Revolution: 75 Recipes for Homemade Brews, Fixers, Elixirs, and Mixers.

Where We’re Going

We’ve been passionate about kombucha for nearly 20 years. Why? Because we want to make beverages that help you live better, for a better tomorrow.

The discovery of how gut microbiota impact our health is redefining food. At the heart of this discovery are prebiotics and probiotics—solutions we can use to improve gut health. We’re harnessing these solutions in innovative—and delicious—ways.

We Are

Guaranteed Non-Alcoholic: We use a proprietary two-step fermentation process to make our kombucha. We stop the fermentation process by inactivating the starter cultures after organic acids have been produced. This keeps the kombucha non-alcoholic & helps us regulate sugar amounts.

Safe: Our process eliminates growth of bad bacteria, keeping your kombucha safe and making it perfect for anyone—kids included!

Consistent: Every single bottle and can of kombucha we produce should be fresh and great-tasting—that’s our promise.

Innovative: Our newest kombucha is Prebiotic Kombucha—the first and only organic prebiotic kombucha! It’s fun, functional, and your new favorite drink.

Visit us at wonderdrink.com

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