Harris Freeman



To provide leadership and stewardship, in every facet of our businesses through domain knowledge, unshakeable faith, strength of conviction, resolute patience and unflinching discipline.

Our team endeavors to create and to produce sustainable, quality and innovative products & services that make all stakeholders successful.



Elevate the everyday by providing refreshing beverages, aromatic spices and unparalleled services that add incremental value to one’s daily life.



Our Company is made up of a set of core values which we call the Harris Freeman DNA.

Leadership – The ability to swim upstream and shape a future that is sustainable.

Integrity – The courage of conviction to do the right thing.

Quality – The ability to replicate attributes and properties of products and services – consistently.

Responsiveness – The ability to respond expeditiously to customer and consumer requirements.

Passion – The full commitment of heart and mind.

Innovation – The ability to be pro-active to change.

Productivity – The element of ensuring that inefficiencies are not passed on to customers.

Accountability – The intent to act like owners and take responsibility.

Pragmatism – The desire to keep things simple and execute with quiet dignity.

Vigilance – The importance of being paranoid in an ever changing environment.

Diversity – The creation of equal opportunity.

Community – The compassion to give back to our own and product origin communities.

Sustainability – The responsibility to consider and preserve the environment.