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At Harris Spice, we believe in forging enduring partnerships with our customers, our vendors and our logistical partners. To nurture new relationships and lay the foundation for a stronger relationship, we work with the following objectives in mind:

• Enhancing the value we bring to our Customers and our vendors with innovative ideas that strengthen the relationship

• Linking the Vendor – Customer chain with strong logistical support partners

• Repeating the success of every delivery over and over for a thoroughly rewarding partnership.

Harris Freeman’s current strategic yet non-financial partnerships:

Jayanti Group: Spice Division

Jayanti Group’s Spice Division is one of the largest processors and exporters of conventional spices (red pepper, black pepper, turmeric, and ginger) and seed spices (coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, and dill) globally. Jayanti maintains 3 facilities in India and 1 facility in Turkey.


• Kinathukadavu (KK) is a 175,000 square foot facility located near Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu that cleans, sterilizes, grinds, and blends all of the conventional spices.

• Bavla is a 110,000 square foot facility located near Ahmedabad, Gujarat that cleans, sterilizes, grinds, and blends all of the seed spices.

• Wallayar is located near Pallakkad, Kerala that cleans and sterilizes black pepper


• Steamlab is located in the Aegean free trade zone in Izmir province, Turkey. Steamlab maintains a 110,00 square foot facility in order to sterilize, grind, blend, and pack various herbs and spices in both bulk form and retail private label form. A majority share of Steamlab was acquired by Jayanti in 2014.

Jayanti also maintains offices in Bangalore, Karnataka; Kochi, Kerala; and Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Read more here.

Birlik AS

Birlik AS is one of the largest processors and exporters of Mediterranean herbs (oregano, sage, rosemary, thyme) and seed spices (cumin, fennel, coriander, aniseeds) in Turkey. Birlik manages a 130,000 square feet facility in Izmir province with equipment to clean, grind, and blend the various herbs and seed spices. Birlik also maintains a newly built color sorter, batch sterilization unit, and microbiology laboratory. Since 2011, Birlik has also begun collaborating with farmers via contract farming to produce sustainable herbs and spices. Read more here.


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