Harris Freeman



Innovation is the lifeblood of any enterprise. At Harris Freeman, innovation is not just restricted to product but to all areas of activity in the company. We seek to transform and change the status quo on a regular basis.

Here are some highlights of our innovations over the years:

Harris Spice revolutionized the spice supply chain for spices. In a quest to connect origin to the customer, Harris Spice took on the role of guaranteeing deliveries thereby eliminating the middleman. Soon after, they took a leading role to pasteurize and sterilize herbs and spices, thereby ensuring consumer safety. Now, our spice plants in India and Vietnam continuously develop equipment to clean and process spices. Our unique spiral pepper cleaning process is a result of this innovative drive.

Harris Tea was a pioneer in Specialty Private Label Tea. In the early 1990’s , when Private Label was viewed as generic tea, Harris Tea started offering better specialty blends, which filled a void in the market. Now, our facilities in California, Georgia, New Jersey, and the United Kingdom California regularly produce innovative and creative blends.

IT @ Harris Freeman creates innovative software and gives help us efficiently connect our trading platforms to operations, delivery and finance, thereby optimizing costs and efficiencies.

The Harris Freeman Foundation strives to improve the education available in the origin countries that help us grow our tea, herbs, and spices. Harris Freeman was one of the first companies to identify education in source communities as a pillar to a sustainable business. With projects in India, Vietnam, and Argentina, our customers recognize us globally for our CSR efforts.

Harris Tea goes Solar: We have successfully converted our Anaheim and New Jersey plants to run on solar energy, making us one of the first tea companies to utilize solar energy.

We are continuously looking for better ways to deliver our promise to our customers. In an ever competitive world, our focused zeal on finding ways to continuously improve through creativity and innovation is standard operating procedure.